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What are Homebuyers Looking for in 2022

In 2021, the Indian residential sector made a solid comeback, with house sales in the top seven cities returning to pre-COVID-19 levels and new launches nearing 2019 levels. Buying a house is a huge decision for everyone, especially first-time home buyers and potential purchasers, who like to examine the advantages and disadvantages of the property carefully. Many first time home buyers are unwilling to compromise on their preferred amenities, exacerbated by the builders all-inclusive offerings. So, what are these essential house amenities that purchasers want in their property? Here are some of the most desired property features that home buyers are looking for in 2022.

Spacious homes: The pandemic-induced changes have increased demand for flexible office space and hybrid models not only in urban areas but in tier 2 cities also. The work-from- home culture and e-learning practices during Covid-19 have significantly affected homeowner choices. Current trends indicate a growing tendency for bigger 3BHK apartments even in expanding peripheral locations. Buyers are searching for larger balconies, an extra bedroom, or even a half-room that can be transformed into a study, a fitness area, a pooja room, or perhaps a bit more seating space inside a bedroom where people can set up their interim workstations. The emphasis is also on multi-purpose spaces like laundry rooms which will also see great demand in 2022.

Amenities: Prospective house buyers desires for larger homes, luxury amenities, and more attractive prices will keep them engaged in closing transactions. As a result, demand for luxury homes is predicted to be strong in 2022. Due to Covid-19, luxury homebuyers are increasingly concentrating on enhancing their quality of life, with a particular emphasis on health and comfort. As a result, India's luxury real estate market has emerged to fill the void by offering a healthy lifestyle and luxury amenities, with distinctive architecture to support the customers notion of modern and peaceful living.

Basic yet essential services: Retail shops, medical shops, ATMs, banks, schools, hospitals are all essential services that homebuyers look for when selecting a property. With safety and security as their top priorities, homebuyers prefer to acquire a property in an integrated township where they do not need to leave the neighbourhood. A gated community offers spacious homes and a complete living experience. As a result, developers provide luxury amenities such as a drive-in theatre, health care facilities, assisted living for older folks, supermarkets, retail centres, hotels, and schools, all within walking distance of residents.

Smart designs: Consumers are opting for smart layout that provides appropriate space usage. Vital features include utility spaces adjacent to the kitchen, deck, high-end bathrooms with anti-slip tiles, high-quality completed floorings, enough room from ventilation and sunlight, and a magnificent balcony to enjoy your morning tea in a tranquil and lovely setting.

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